CX Journey

  • Prioritize your service lines basis CX Strategy
  • Diagnose CX Journey for alignment
  • Benchmark KPIs that matter most
  • Set Qualitative and Quantitative success criteria's
  • Define the success of the CX transformation
  • Identify Critical KPI’s & Data points to dashboard

CX Channel

  • User experience design for prioritized CX journeys
  • Define the most appropriate CX Channel basis UX Design
  • Define KPI’s and Data points that impact
  • Benchmark Volumetrics and RoI
  • Create Dashboards and alerts
  • Allocate a champion for the Channel

Botomation CX Capabilities

  • We deliver CX Solutions that are highly scalable on PaaS or SaaS
  • Worksense leverages cognitive capabilities on multiple channels for CX
  • Worksense creates capabilities that can be plugged in for any kind of service operations
  • Intellisense will catalyze Botomation, provide agent or customer assistance capabilities
  • Intellisense provides insights that can help customers review related data points or information and catalyze self service options

Botomated Customer Experience

Cloud Contact Center

  • Omnichannel: Optimize Service Across Channels
  • Design & Optimize CX Journeys
  • Host Multiple Digital Channels
  • Multi Level Visual IVR
  • Intent based Conversational IVR
  • Cogntiive Chat bot
  • Intelligent Routing


  • Status updates
  • Service clarifications
  • Cancellations
  • Customer profile updates
  • Upgrades & Upsells

Integrations & Intelligence

  • Integrate with CRM, ERP
  • Digital channels & Social Media
  • Predict & Prescribe
  • Knowledge Integrations
  • Journey Visualization

Measure & Manage

  • Benchmark and Track NPS or CSAT
  • KPI’s Reports & Drill down Dashboards
  • Manage Customer Retention
  • Manage IVR, Queues, Skills, Knowledge & Bots
  • Scalable & Flexible Agent Console

Why Contact Center Modernization

Increase Customer
Engagement up to 50%
24/7 Digital
Customer Service with humancentric interactions
Eradicate queues
for STPs & priority customers
Scalable Intelligence
with Cognitive Integrations
Integrate with CRM, ERP, SCM, & Digital sources for
personalized conversations
360* View of customer
and ability to configure productivity tools

Customer centric businesses outperform laggards by nearly 80%.


  • Multi Channel Cloud Contact Center
    • Voice bots
    • Chat bots
  • Multi Level Visual IVR
  • Intent Based Conversational IVR
  • Intelligent Routing
  • Dashboards & Analytics for Qualitative & Quantitative KPIs
  • Botomated transactions and enquiries
    • KYC needs when they sign in or call
  • Agent & Bots Management
  • Automated Agent Assist for Next Best Actions
    • Cross Sell & Upsell
  • Outbound capabilities to catalyze personalized customer experience


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