HR Desk

Automating your Human Resources department may feel counter productive. We created HR virtual assistant to botomate high volume HR support processes integrated with HRIS and related system. It helps you to streamline most time-consuming HR processes to produce better outcomes by reimagining work through the lens of employee experience.

Finance Desk

Managing travel expenses, travel advances, tracking forex and so much of those are repeated logical decisions which can get comfortably automated with conversational interactions. Increase in productivity on core finance & collections can produce great results for your business.

Admin Desk

Automating your travel requirements and collection of requirements, confirming itenary and sharing documents are logical actions that can be Botomated. While your travel desk team can focus on negotiating the procurement, insurance and managing priority & situations users personally.

Employee Experience As A Service

Why HR Bots

At least 30 – 50%
reduction in efforts
responding to common HR queries
100% availability
for Employees on common & statutory needs
Eradicate 60% or more
repetitive and redundant tasks
30 – 50 %
reduction in efforts to manage compliance on regulatory aspects
30 % reduction in time
to onboard new employees
Improvement in
engaging employees on
L&D initiatives

Essentially makes HR function less of cost center and in many cases effort & time saved can increase profitability


  • Multi Channel Congitive Conversation platform
  • HR Bots which Botomate major HR Services
  • FAQ Bots to manage simple queries
  • Enrich unbiased engagement with digital conversations
  • 360* feedback made easy with Cognitive Bots
Scaling up your Software Development Team


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